Spains wins first round of the 2017 Red Bull Rivals

February 1, 2017 | Surfing
Gony Zubizarreta: barreled in Mundaka for the Red Bull Rivals 2017 | Photo: Bartolome/Red Bull

Spain defeated Portugal in the first round of the 2017 Red Bull Rivals.

The Spanish surfers used the home advantage to beat their longtime Iberian rivals in the long left-handers of Mundaka, in the Basque Country.

The team led by Aritz Aranburu didn't start well. In the first heat of the event, Pedro Rua overcame Illan Urkía in the Local Hero category.

But the locals were able to turn the game. Iker Amatriain and Eneko Merino won their clashes against the Portuguese armada and regained their hopes.

In the most exciting heats of the day, there was a draw. Aranburu defeated Tiago Pires, and Vasco Ribeiro found a last-minute inside wave that won him the heat against Gony Zubizarreta.

In the Girls' division, Garazi Sanchez found the best waves beat Mariana Rocha Assis. Finally, in the Team competition, the Spanish surfers smashed their neighbors with a clear 6-0 win.

But the game isn't over. The Portuguese wave riders will have the opportunity to counter attack when the competition hits Ribeira d'Ilhas, near Ericeira, for the second and decisive stage of the 2017 Red Bull Rivals.

2017 Red Bull Rivals | #1 Mundaka Results

Man on Man
Local Hero: Illan Urkía 0 - Pedro Rua 1
Junior: Iker Amatriain 1 - Henrique Pyrrait 0
Weekend Warrior: Eneko Merino 2 - Mica Lourenço 0
Capitão: Aritz Aranburu 1 - Tiago Pires 0
Girl: Garazi Sánchez 2 - Mariana Rocha Assis 0
Pro/Am: Gony Zubizarreta 0 - Vasco Ribeiro 1

Team Heat
Spain 6 - Portugal 0

Bonus Points
Public Countdown: (Spain) 1 point
Best Wave: Aritz Aranburu (Spain) 1 point
Best Barrel: Aritz Aranburu (Spain) 1 point
Best Maneuver: Aritz Aranburu (Spain) 1 point

Provisional Results
Spain 16 - Portugal 2