Storm Brigid is heading towards Europe

January 30, 2014 | Surfing
Storm Brigid: a sequel of the Black Swell

United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal will be hit by a large North Atlantic groundswell, between 1st-2nd February, 2014. "Storm Brigid", a sequel of the "Black Swell", is in the making.

The coastal regions of the Iberian Peninsula, England, Wales and Ireland, have issued weather warnings regarding a deep low-pressure system formed in the middle of the North Atlantic, and traveling to Europe in the first days of February, 2014.

Unlike Winter Storm Hercules, the new "Storm Brigid" is heading straight towards the Old Continent in a steady eastern track.

The British islands, and Southwest of Ireland in particular will be hit by 40-foot waves, while the Spanish region of Galicia and the North of Portugal prepare for 20-30 foot faces.

In the United Kingdom, the weather authorities are expecting an "apocalyptic" storm similar to the "Black Swell" of early January. Cornwall, the capital of British surfing, will be seriously affected by huge tides and gale force winds.

Surfers and citizens should stay away from coastal areas, such as lighthouses, piers, beaches and seaside boardwalks.

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