Summa Longbottom shines in Taj's Small Fries 2014

January 20, 2014 | Surfing
Summa Longbottom: two titles at Taj's Small Fries

Reef Heazlewood, Emi Campbell, Sonny Perrussel, Summa Longbottom and Kian Martin were the standout surfers at the 9th Taj's Small Fries, held in Yallingup, Western Australia.

The two-to-three foot waves on offer at Shallows saw Sunshine Coast goofy-footer Reef Heazlewood taking the Under 16 Boys division from the hands of local surfers.

"This is the second time I've come to Yallingup for the Small Fries and to now win the event is amazing. The waves, the people, everything is just so fun, I can't wait to come back", says Heazlewood.

When Heazlewood linked together another long left, punctuated with a huge layback snap to finish, the prestigious title was his. Shaun Manners finished second, with Jack Thomas third and Ace Van Peer fourth.

Emi Campbell added a Taj's Small Fries trophy to her mantle when she accounted for Mia McCarthy, Bailee Hastiee and Phoebe McGregor, in the final of the Under 16 Girls division.

"I've been down here in Yallingup training with Claire Bevilacqua over the holidays and working hard towards this win", underlines Campbell.

In the final of the Under 14 Boys, two Bali-based surfers, Kian Martin and Sonny Perrussel, took on homegrown talents Luke Glover and Cyrus Cox. With a pair of seven-point waves it was Perrussel who came out on top in the end.

"To travel here from Indonesia and surf in a final with Kian is great, but to win is even better", Perrussel said.

Martin wasn't upset with his fourth place finish for long though, and turned things around in the last heat of the day to demolish the field defending his title in the Under 12 Boys division.

Mirroring Martin's run through the two younger age brackets was South Coaster-turned-Bali resident Summa Longbottom, who cleaned up both Under 12 and 14 Girls divisions to steal two trophies, and the hearts of everyone involved with the contest.

2014 Taj's Small Fries Yallingup | Results

Under 16 Girls
Emi Campbell (14.50)
Mia McCarthy (12.90)
Bailee Hastie (10.75)
Phoebe McGregor (7.45)

Under 16 Boys
Reef Heazlewood (15.10)
Shaun Manners (13.60)
Jack Thomas (12.60)
Ace Van Peer (9.25) 

Under 14 Girls
Summa Longbottom (11.20)
April McPherson (9.00)
Alice Field (7.90)
Lily Shepherd (3.25)

Under 14 Boys
Sonny Perrussel (14.50)
Cyrus Cox (13.35)
Luke Glover (11.35)
Kian Martin (10.2)

Under 12 Girls
Summa Longbottom (15.60)
Emma Cattlin (11.65)
Holly Minter (8.90)
Pemba Spargo (8.05)

Under 12 Boys
Kian Martin (18.50)
Josh Grange (13.75)
Seth Van Haeften (13.45)
Fin Coxx (10.75)

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