Surfers arrive at the South American Beach Games in Uruguay

December 8, 2009 | Surfing

2009 South American Beach Games

Dressed up with their Olympic National outfits the 36 surfers that will participate in the first edition of the South American Beach Games arrived today in Uruguay.

They’re looking forward to the medals and the honor of participating in this historic first South American Beach Games that will be held from December 9 to 13 in the waves of Montoya, Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela will compete with strong full teams looking forward to win the medals in the following four divisions: Open Men, Open Women, Aloha Cup (Tag Team) and Air Show.

Some big surfing names will be participating in the Games. This include ISA Junior World Champions Jadson André and Alejo Muniz from Brazil; Latin American Champions Martín Passeri from Argentina, Francisco Bellorín and Rafael Pereira both from Venezuela, along with Pan American Champions Javier Swayne and Gabriel Aramburu from Peru.

The list of teams and its team members is the following

Martín Passeri
Maximiliano Siri
Marcelo Rodriguez
Leandro Usuna
Maia Cherr
María Paz Usuna

Jadson André
Alejo Muniz
Miguel Pupo
Gabriel Medina
Gabriela Leite
Camila Cassia

Eusebio Rodríguez
Marcos Goncalves
Adrián Dapelo
Israel Barona
Dominic Barona
María de los Santos

Javier Swayne
Gabriel Aramburu
Sebastián Alarcón
Matías Mulanovich
Analí Gómez
Valeria Solé
Luis Iturria
George Acosta
Lucas Vasquez
Lucas Madrid
Celia Barboza
Martina Lorenti

Francisco Bellorin
Rafael Pereira
Jesús Chacón
David Díaz
María Eugenia Rojas
Yusbelki Aldana

A happy ISA President, Fernando Aguerre said about the upcoming event: “The inclusion of surfing in this ODESUR Beach Games, confirms the relevance of surfing in the global youth culture. Surfing is practiced by over 25 million people and its culture embraced by hundred of millions around the world. I’m sure surfing will add lots of excitement to these Games.”

Pan American Surfing Association President, Maile Aguerre commented: “The first edition of the South American Beach Games is very significant for me. I am very proud that our beloved sport is included in this important event. This surfing competition will bring further attention to Surfing within the Olympic Movement.”

With a five-day waiting period, the forecast is looking good to start the event on the 9th, with a 4 feet swell from the East and good conditions.

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