Surfing Australia invests in research center and online TV

July 19, 2013 | Surfing
Surfing Australia: the High Performance Centre is growing

Surfing Australia has announced the expansion of its High Performance Centre (HPC), Casuarina, New South Wales.

Federal Government funding of $350,000 will allow for the construction of a new dedicated sport research centre on the second level of the HPC. It will also include athlete testing and treatment facilities.

Construction is due to commence 1st August and the new facilities will be ready by November in time for summer.

Authorities will also be backing Surfing Australia with funding of $250,000 as it embarks on an exciting new development into the rapidly growing area of digital content and online broadcasting.

Working with global content experts Brand New Media, Surfing Australia will be building a new IPTV Channel known as The online surfing channel will allow viewers to access fresh, high quality surfing content on any device.

"Not every sport can secure the big broadcast deals that the major football codes are attracting these days so we need to look at innovative ways to commercialise our content", explains Andrew Stark CEO at Surfing Australia. is scheduled to launch in time for summer at the end of November 2013.