Surfing doctors find answers for the modern day wave rider

June 10, 2013 | Surfing
Surfing doctors: good to have them around

The second annual conference of the European Association of Surfing Doctors will be held between 2nd-5th October 2013, in Sagres Portugal.

Experts from all over the world will gather at the Southwest cape of Europe for the largest meeting in surfing medicine. Health awareness is growing in the surfing community and plays an important role in professionalization of the sport.

Doctors will discuss several aspects such as drowning and remote resuscitation strategies, hypothermia and cold induced injuries, the critically ill surfer, the surfers' skin, dental and ocular trauma, the surfers' knee, drugs in surfing and more.

With roughly 30 million enthusiasts in the world, the sport is spreading in all countries and cultures. At the same time, the surfers' travel behavior has changed by exploring waves in tropical and arctic destinations and hereby being exposed to a variety of new health risks.

One of the major problems that surfers encounter is sun exposure, causing chronic diseases like skin cancer and eye pathologies. The aim of the Sagres conference is to tackle the most relevant and exotic medical conditions that affect the surfer, and strive to ensure state of the art and evidence-based answers to the surfing community.

Andrew Nathanson, author of "Surf Survival" and clinical associated professor in emergency medicine is one of the many invited guests. The conference will have an exciting program including workshops in pre-hospital care, lifeguarding and surf physiotherapy.

Take a look at the most common injuries in surfing and the most common surfer-related diseases.