Surfing doctors share knowledge with the community

August 4, 2014 | Surfing
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The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) will promote a surf health symposium open to all surfers, at The Glasshouse, in Sligo, Ireland, on the 13th September, 2014.

"The Surfer's Academy" is all about giving back to the surfing community. Surf doctors want to share knowledge and tips on how to stay healthy into your twilight years.

The event will take place during the 3rd Annual EASD Conference, which will focus on "Taking Surfing Medicine to Extremes," between 9th-13th September, in Sligo, a surf town located west coast of Ireland.

Experts will discuss and share the traditional health problems and issues that often affect surfers: eye, ear, mind, skin, nutrition, shoulder and major joints; as well as lifeguarding and big wave rescue.

"The Surfer's Academy" is open to the general public and will be attended by approximately 170 surfers worldwide, from grommets to professional surfers.