Surfing dreams reborn with the 2016 Olympics in Brazil

October 8, 2009 | Surfing

Adriano de Souza - Will he surf the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

Surfing has never been so near the Summer Olympic Games. Brazil has been chosen to held the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the landmark capital of a country of surfers.

Our sport has made a long and difficult journey towards the Olympic recognition. Sometimes we've been closer, sometimes we've been beaten by other emerging sports.

BMX, snowboarding and beach volleyball have made it to the Games. As President of ISA, Fernando Aguerre has tried to push surfing into the top priorities of the Olympic movement.

It is not an easy and quick task. It take time. But, the time is now. Brazil could do it.

Surfing has it all - a strong and global industry, a fashionable lifestyle, an image of drug-free competition, worldwide ocean conditions, a growing number of athletes, a TV-friendly format and a very competitive professional status.

In the next years, surf parks will grow in every corner and wave improving projects like the Boscombe Reef will alert many local coastal authorities for the added valued provided by the surfing (windsurfing, kitesurfing and bodyboarding always included) activities.

In Portugal, Europe's surfing Mecca, one the main political voices and former Financial Minister, Ernâni Lopes has pointed out the relevance of surfing and its growth in the "Ocean Economics Hypercluster" report.

Surfing should boost these ideas and make it to the Olympic Games. It's now or never. There are 190 million Brazilians waiting for us.

  • It's 45 °F, and I am at 45 degrees North, 70 miles east of the coast.
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