Tandem surfers kick off World Tour in Trestles

December 16, 2010 | Surfing

Tandem Surfing: there is always room for two

More than 20 teams will kick off the first ITSA World Tandem Tour contest of 2011, at the Church Break, Trestles, USA, from January 7th to 9th.

California will welcome tandem surfers arriving from Europe, South America, North America, Hawaii and possibly Australia. This year, there is an exciting new format that allows two divisions to earn top marks and claim championship titles.

SurferToday.com has already reported the enormous growth and success of tandem surfing, in the last years, since becoming sanctioned by the International Surfing Association (ISA). So, it's time to lift partners and dance the waves.

Current ISA Tandem Surfing World Champions, Clement and Dhelia Cetran (Biscarosse, France), 2009/2010 ITSA World Tandem Tour champions Rico Leroy and Sarah Burel (Lacanau, France) and the 2008 ISA Tandem Surfing World Champions Tiffany Rabical and Chuck Inman (Hawaii) have confirmed their presence in the sunshine California.

Some other teams to watch include:

Brian and Illa McEvilly (San Diego, California): A husband/wife team who have been competing in the professional tandem scene since the early 1990 s, they took 1st place at the last international contest at Doheny in September, 2010. They are currently ranked number 3 on the 2010 World Tandem Tour.

Pauly Chambers and Krystl Appeles ( Costa Rica): A promising young couple who showed tremendous promise in the 2009 World Tandem Tour, placing second for the year, who are returning to international tandem competition after a year sabbatical.

Christian Bartch and Aimee Murcia (Oahu, Hawaii): A boyfriend/girlfriend team who met through tandem surfing and now produce Indy-art movies on surfing. They placed 6th in the ITSA WTT circuit last year, but probably would have ranked higher if they had been able to attend more of the world events. They placed 4th in the last international contest of 2011 at Doheny in September, 2010.

Clayton and Kristen Huntington (Dana Point, California): A husband/wife, local to the break and San Onofre favorites, they were ranked 3rd on the World Tandem Tour in 2008 and 2009. Falling to fifth place in both the 2010 ISA World Championships and ITSA World Tandem Tour rankings, they are hungry and determined to perform well at their local break this winter.