The 2009 Duke's Oceanfest challenged Stand-Up Paddleboarders in Hawaii

September 3, 2009 | Surfing

2009 Duke's Oceanfest

The annual Duke’s Oceanfest in Waikiki, HI took place last week in support of the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation. 

The week of water events provided grants and scholarships for Hawaii’s Scholar Athletes. 

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku is known as “Hawaii's greatest athlete, the father of international surfing and its ambassador of Aloha.”  Duke, an original Waikiki Beach Boy won his first Gold Medal at the Olympics when he was 22 and continued to represent the USA in for the next 20 years. He won a place in Hawaii’s heart through his Aloha, compassion and remarkable achievements.

The Hawaiian Paddleboard Championship took place Saturday August 29th and challenged paddle boarders in a sprint from Hawaii Kai to Duke’s statue in Waikiki. 

Congratulations to Bernd Roediger who was too young to compete in this division but his remarkable time on his 12’ board placed him 2nd in the Male Stand-Up 12’6” division with a time of 1:31:52.

In the Male Stand-Up 14’6” division Jerry Bess (winner of the 14’ Class in the Maui Olukai Race) took 2nd on a Naish Glide with a time of 1:25:00.  Also on Naish Glides, Edmund Pestana (Oahu lifeguard legendary) took 5th place coming in at 1:26:54, and Michi Schweiger took 6th with a time of 1:27:41.

A few days earlier Cody Kerbox took 2nd in the Junior Stand-Up Surfing Event on a Naish Hokua 8’0” at Queens.

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