The 2012 Mavericks Surf Contest expects giant Pacific swell

January 3, 2012 | Surfing
The Mavericks Surf Contest: new surf trick in the making | Photo: Bill Nichols

The 2012 Mavericks Surf Contest has been officially opened with a three-month contest window. The best big wave surfers of the planet may be called at anytime to take off on the giant sets that will invade Half Moon Bay, California.

Twenty four riders have been invited to compete at the 2012 Mavericks Surf Contest. Kelly Slater, from Florida, will have to deal with eight experienced Californians. Anthony Tashnick, Ken "Skindog" Colins, Peter Mel, Ryan Augenstein, Shane Desmond, Shane Dollar, Tyler Smith and Zach Wormhoudt are ready to hit the waters of Mavericks.

The 2012 Mavericks Surf Contest, an invitation-only competition, will be surfed half-mile offshore from Pillar Point Harbor. The infamous surf spot has already taken surfers' lives: Mark Foo and Sion Milosky were big names in Mavericks.

This year, the Mavericks Surf Contest will not allow spectators in the beach, after the 2010 incident in which big wave sets hit and injured surf fans.

In 2012, the big wave surfing contest will be managed by the legendary Jeff Clark, a local icon. If the giant swells roll in from far across the Pacific, the 2012 Mavericks Surf Contest will present the most incredible images of modern surfing, in one of the most dangerous in the world.