The life in an Atlantic surf town

March 1, 2017 | Surfing
Between Land and Sea: a documentary about surfing in Ireland

"I can remember the wave waiting to be surfed." Who wouldn't want to watch a movie that starts out with such an inspiring statement?

It's hard to make a living in the Irish countryside, especially if your dream is to become a professional surfer. There are no many sponsors willing to support a wave riding fantasy.

But, sometimes, all you need is dedication and passion for making dreams become a reality. And a hallucinated wave like Lahinch, in County Clare.

"Between Land and Sea," a film by Ross Whitaker, explores a year in the life of an Atlantic surf town. Ireland's breathtaking west coast is home to fearless surf adventurers.

Ollie O'Flaherty is one of them. He is the focus of this brilliantly filmed documentary, and guides us through the pros and cons of the Irish surfing life, in small and big wave scenarios.

O'Flaherty is a former finalist in the Big Wave Awards. In 2012, he rode a massive wave at Mullaghmore Head and made the national headlines.

"Between Land and Sea" also reveals the other side of surfing - the surf schools, the pints at the pub, and private life of those who live and breathe surfing.

"I set out to make a different kind of surf film. One that went beyond the hype of some surf movies to find the quiet truth of what it means to choose to be a surfer - how it impacts your entire life in myriad different ways," underlined Whitaker.

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