The Surfing Walk of Fame 2014 Inductees

July 2, 2014 | Surfing
Randy Rarick: the real King of the Triple Crown

Randy Rarick, Larry Bertlemann, Mike Haley, John Van Hamersveld, Phyliss O'Donnell, and Vince Moorhouse will be inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame, on the 31st July, 2014, at Huntington Beach.

The votes have been counted. The 100-year anniversary of surfing in Huntington Beach will write the name of six legendary surfers in the history books.

Bertlemann (Surf Champion), Rarick (Surf Pioneer), Van Hamersveld (Surf Culture), O'Donnell (Women of the Year), Haley (Local Hero) and Moorhouse (Honor Roll) will earn their immortal place in the pavement on the corner of PCH and Main Street, directly across from the famous pier in Surf City USA.

Past recipients of the Surfing Walk of Fame honors include Duke Kahanamoku, Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson, Tom Curren, Bruce Brown, Eddie Aikau and more. The Surfing Walk of Fame requires a 10-year margin since the commemorating achievement.

Randy Rarick, executive director of the Triple Crown of Surfing, was a former professional surfer, Hawaii contest organizer, as well as a master surfboard craftsman and global surf adventurer.

Larry Bertleman, a 1970s surfing icon, is a former US champion, and one of the main riders to push progressive surfing forward during the evolution from long to shortboards.

John Van Hamersveld is artist behind the iconic "The Endless Summer" movie poster. He has created the design for modern pop culture, including countless psychedelic album covers for bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead and more.

Phyliss O'Donnell won the first-ever Women's World Surfing Championship in 1964, in a predominately male-dominated time. She is also a two-time Australian national champion (1964, 1965).

Mike Haley is a former US champion, and Huntington lifeguard hero.