Transcontinental surfers ride stormy Mullaghmore Head

November 6, 2013 | Surfing
Kurt Rist: this is not a dream, it's Mullaghmore Head

Will Skudin, Kurt Rist, and Barry Mottershead have ridden the first beasts of the 2013/2014 big wave surfing season, at Mullaghmore Head, Ireland.

The second biggest swell of the year has hit Europe like a freight train, at full throttle. Ireland went off the charts.

Local chargers Neil Britton, Peter Conroy, Shambles, Paul O'Kane, Peter Craig, and Barry Mottershead were joined by Will Skudin, Dylan Stott and Kurt Rist.

"The wave itself there is a really difficult wave to surf. It's far from perfect. It has lumps and boils and wedges, and it's warping left and right while the wind's blowing 25 miles an hour. Then it's hailing. Then it's raining. It's Mother Nature at her finest", Will Skudin, a big wave surfer from New York, tell our friends at Eastern Surf.

"The most rewarding wave to me personally was the one I paddled into that ate me alive. Mullaghmore is one of the biggest, most difficult waves in the world, and it shouldn't be taken lightly".

The surfer from Long Beach, USA, negotiated his line through a spooky Halloween cave at Mullaghmore Head, on October 31st, 2013, to get a 2014 "Ride of the Year" entry at the Billabong XXL.

Barry Mottershead also scored an impressive bomb. The moment he seems to wipeout in a huge left-hander, he manages to escape the white chandelier.

Mullaghmore Head is not just another big wave surf spot. Mullaghmore Head is one of the ultimate surfing experiences in the Old Continent.

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