When the ship passes by you "Surf Berlin"

September 7, 2012 | Surfing
Surf Berlin: the ship will make the only wave of the day

Ira Mowen is surfing the last head-high barrel just outside of Berlin, in Germany, whenever a giant ship passes by.

"Surf Berlin: The Quest for the Last German Wave" is a very serious surf documentary. The iconic Central European city, capital of Germany, offers one only rideable wave.

Berlin is 250 kilometres (155 miles) away from the Baltic Sea, but local artist and filmmaker Ira Mowen has set out on the quest to ride this man-made wave and put the country in the history of surfing.

"What’s unique about this surf spot, besides its pancake flatness, is the beautiful head-high wave that rolls through once a day when a giant ship passes by", explains the author of "Surf Berlin".

Unfortunately, this unusual point break is endangered, as the ship that’s been producing the wave for the last 30 years is getting old, and will be replaced in the winter of 2013 with a new one which won't create waves.

Does a wave have a soul? What happens when a wave dies forever? Ira Mowen wants to be the first and last to ride this very unique wave, even if it means challenging zero degrees of water temperature and -12°C of air temperature.

He is not alone in Europe. In Portugal, a group of surfers from Lisbon has been riding waves formed when catamarans pass by in the River Tejo. Check out how they do it.