WSL launches Red Bull Airborne Series

February 28, 2019 | Surfing
Red Bull Airborne Series: featuring the world's best aerialists | Photo: Sloane/WSL

The World Surf League (WSL) announced the Red Bull Airborne Series, a three-event specialty series that highlights aerial surfing.

After the inaugural Red Bull Airborne specialty event in France last year, WSL will launch the new Red Bull Airborne Series in three locations: Gold Coast in Australia, Keramas in Bali, and Hossegor in France.

"Additionally through this partnership, Red Bull will activate against the WSL's unique Championship Tour and Big Wave properties to engage both consumers and athletes," notes Sophie Goldschmidt, CEO of WSL.

"By working closely with Red Bull, their innovation and support will help us further elevate and promote the sport."

The Official Drink of the WSL

The Red Bull Airborne Series will launch in conjunction with a global partnership between WSL and Red Bull.

The three-year partnership through 2021 sees Red Bull as the official energy drink of the Championship Tour (CT), Big Wave Tour (BWT), and Big Wave Awards.

The partnership between WSL and Red Bull will not only offer fans new original content that will take viewers behind-the-scenes at WSL events but will also provide onsite activations for fans at CT and Red Bull Airborne events.

The partnership will also include enhanced areas for competitors with additional training equipment.

Red Bull Airborne Series: 14 surfers competing for the biggest and best aerial moves | Photo: Sloane/WSL

The Airborne Series Format

The Red Bull Airborne Series will feature 18 surfers throwing airs across two rounds.

Round 1 will host six qualifying heats with six surfers in each heat; Round 2 will be a six-person final.

All three contests will run in conjunction with the 2019 Championship Tour stops on the Gold Coast, in Keramas, and in Hossegor.

Josh Kerr, former CT surfer and one of the most progressive aerialists in the history of competitive surfing, is one of the co-developers of the Red Bull Airborne Series and will serve as competition director.

Kerr views the Red Bull Airborne as the first step towards providing tomorrow's surfers with a new platform for innovative expression in the water.

Red Bull has a long history in surfing dating back nearly 25 years and is synonymous with athletes, creative projects, groundbreaking events, and content.

Red Bull has entered into a long-term global partnership with the WSL to continue to strengthen and solidify its footprint in surfing globally.

2019 Red Bull Airborne | Schedule

Red Bull Airborne Gold Coast: April 3-9
Red Bull Airborne Keramas: May 13-19
Red Bull Airborne Hossegor: October 3-9