The Zone: a surf film by Jack Coleman

Fifty-five-minute surf movies are rare these days, but film director Jack Coleman has successfully completed his two-year project. "The Zone" is all about the joy of surfing.

If you're one of those purists who see surfing as a performing art, then "The Zone" might enter the gallery of your favorite movies of all time. It's got salt, it's got pepper, and competitiveness is put aside.

Coleman has been making indie films for nearly a decade, but you can feel that "The Zone" has soul, creativity, self-expression, and a few well-known characters.

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DocksLocks: a locking device for surfboards | Photo: DocksLocks

DocksLocks is a patented locking device designed to secure your surfboard, stand up paddleboard, kiteboard, wakeboard or kayak.

How many times have you left your board unattended on the car's roof? How often do you need to leave your surfboard unguarded just to grab a coffee or check the surf conditions?

Thieves are everywhere, and surfboards are usually an easy target. All they need is scissors, and less than ten seconds to steal your gear.

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Who Is JOB: the most watched surfing series of all time | Photo: McKenna/Red Bull

Jamie O'Brien and Poopies are ready for "Who Is JOB 6.0" Yes, the lunatics from the island of Oahu are back with crazy new stunts.

It is definitely the most watched surfing series of all time. "Who Is JOB" is a success story that started in 2011 with a simple message-formula: have fun with your friends.

O'Brien and his crew were able to keep the fun-factor going for six seasons, and it will likely continue with wild experiences, inflatable toys, tandem big wave surfing, soft-tops, sexy girls, and shore break madness.

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