Trampoline surfing: the Joog Squad learned with Jamie O'Brien

Surfers are creative individuals, especially when the ocean's flat or the waves are less than ideal even for a longboarding session.

A group of hardcore surfing enthusiasts designed and built a trampoline that rides waves. As a result, you're able to surf and bounce simultaneously. Confused?

And to add a little bit of spice to the experience, the "Joog Squad" tested their innovative surf craft in Florida during Hurricane Matthew.

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Surf trips: what should we pack for the ultimate surfing adventure of our lives? | Photo: Shutterstock

Surf trips are fun, especially when you're always scoring perfect waves. But before we go, our brain is confronted with the classic traveler's dilemma: what should we pack for a surf trip?

When you're packing for the surf trip of your life - and it doesn't matter if you're traveling by car, bike, plane or motorcycle - you often feel the need to balance your options. Should I carry this, or should I leave that?

That is why a traveling surfer needs to find the optimal gear-to-weight ratio. When we're about to embark on the ultimate surfing adventure, we make difficult choices involving the right amount of clothes, surfboards, boardshorts, wetsuits, and everyday objects.

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Brett Simpson: he helped his Huntington Surf & Sport team win the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge | Photo: Swae/Oakley

It's been a long journey, but the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge has finally crowned the 2016 champion.

After finding the best regional teams, the event founded in the early 1980s got all seven squads competing for the national title at Lower Trestles, in San Clemente, California.

Heritage Surf & Sport (Northeast), Huntington Surf & Sport (West), Pacific Wave (Northwest), Surf Ride (Southwest), Sweetwater Surf Shop (Mid-Atlantic), Town & Country Surf Factory (Hawaii), and Quiet Flight Surfboards (Southeast) sent their finest employees and pro surfers with the single goal of taking the title home.

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