Uncommon Ideals.

For most people the North Sea is a source of food, a source of fuel - oil and gas, a playground for catching waves or simply a mass of water that needs to be navigated.

Few are aware its these cold grey waters cover a prehistoric landscape that once joined England to Europe.

Yet between 18000 and 5500 BC, global warming raised sea levels to the extent that this area known as Doggerland was engulfed by water and the area that had been home to mankind disappeared.

This entire land sank beneath the North Sea. Is it this former land that we North Sea surfers now surf. We are the Doggerland groms, heavies, hippies and kooks.

A film by Chris McClean and Mark Waters.

Surfers include Gabe Davies, Pete Eyre, John John Florence, Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Chris "Guts" Griffiths, Ritchie Sills and Balaram Stack.

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